Healthy Weight Loss

Our Approach to Healthy Weight Loss

In the world of eating disorders and weight management, the issue of weight loss is a hotly debated topic. On the mental health side, many eating disorder professionals feel that clients should “love their bodies” regardless of size or health, and should never focus on and/or desire weight loss. On the medical side, many professionals encourage weight loss vis-à-vis rigid diets and exercise plans that predictably set up emotional and binge overeaters (and everyone, for that matter!) to fail; fueling heartbreaking feelings of shame, hopelessness, and self-hatred that oftentimes leads to continued episodes of compulsive overeating.

At A New Beginning, our treatment team has given this issue a lot of soulful thought, looking at it from both the psychological and medical perspectives, grappling with what is in the best interest of our clients. After sitting across from countless individuals who are determined to lose weight for serious medical reasons or who desperately want to live within a body that is more physically capable and strong, we have concluded that weight loss can be a healthy treatment goal if and only if it is approached in an emotionally, nutritionally and physically healthy manner that is moderate, sustainable, and utilizes a non-dieting approach.

Our team of eating disorder and weight management specialists, therefore, proudly support our clients in helping them to discover how to respect and appreciate their bodies today, while also working towards changing their bodies for a more fulfilling, long-lasting tomorrow!       Our Team’s Philosophy

We are excited to help you in your journey towards healthy weight loss – without the use of diets, restrictive food rules, or rigid eating behaviors.

Our team successfully teaches people why they turn to food when they’re not physically hungry; how to eat all foods with balance, variety, and moderation; and move their bodies in ways that leave them feeling empowered and strong.      Our Team’s Commitment

We look forward to helping you actualize the healthy life and body you deserve.  480-941-4247