TheHealthyWeighOut Program

Binge Eating Disorder & Emotional Overeating: Specialized Treatment to find Freedom from Food!

In 2014, our specialized eating disorder team at A New Beginning set out to create an innovative  program developed specifically for emotional overeaters.

TheHealthyWeighOut is one of the first programs in our nation that specifically addresses the underlying emotional factors that drive people to compulsively overeat and that teaches people how to eat using an effective, non-diet “Intuitive Eating” approach to food.

With a comprehensive focus on the Emotional, Nutritional, and Physical fitness components of a healthy relationship with food, body and self, our groundbreaking 3-pronged approach teaches you: 

  • How to eat for nutritional need, not emotional hunger
  • How to manage & curb your food cravings
  • How to develop a healthy “non-diet” approach to food
  • How to stop your chronic dieting & change your “dieting mentality”
  • How to stop diet-overeat-diet-overeat problematic eating cycles
  • How to fall in love with healthy movement
  • How to achieve Sustainable, HEALTHY weight loss & weight management

Our team has found that this comprehensive, 3-pronged approach significantly reduces binge eating behavior (in just 6 weeks!) and allows our participants to finally attain long-term, sustainable change.

Most importantly, our clients develop a positive relationship with food, their body and their self, what we like to refer to as getting “healthy from the inside out!”

Flexible Services:  There IS help for Chronic Overeating & Binge Eating Disorder

TheHealthyWeighOut offers a variety of services that support your ability to finally conquer chronic overeating and associated struggles with weight.

1. Our most popular service is the 6-Week Emotional & Binge Eating Program, where participants are introduced to the Emotional, Nutritional, and Physical fitness components of heath in a dynamic, concentrated outpatient program. Specifics details of this program include:

  • Our 6-Week Emotional & Binge Eating Program which is offered at two flexible levels of programming to meet the specific needs of our participants.  Specifically:  Our classic  “Jump Start” level of programming which includes 6 full days of programming in a small group (up to 7 people max) “retreat” format and individual, one-on-one Nutritional and Physical fitness services;  or our  “Gentle Start” level of programming where participants can opt to participate only in the 6 retreat days (with no individual services).    For full details of our programming, please click here.
  • Money Back Guarantee!  So confident are we in this groundbreaking program that we offer an unprecedented Money Back Guarantee.  For more information, click here ; to review our specific Money Back Guarantee guidelines, please click here

2.  For people who prefer an alternative to our 6-Week Emotional & Binge eating Program, we proudly offer our 3-pronged Emotional, Nutritional & Physical fitness approach through customized  individual services.   These services include:

Nutritional Assessment
Nutritional Therapy & Ongoing Support
Physical Strength and Movement Assessment
Individual and Group “Intuitive Exercise” Training Sessions (in our very own PRIVATE Exercise Studio)
Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Nutritional Management & Support
Individual, Couple, and/or Family Therapy
DBT Skills Group

Whichever approach feels most comfortable for you, we look forward to helping you end your chronic dieting and overeating behavior, and to helping you start living the healthy, happier life you desire by finding, TheHealthyWeighOut.

“It’s never too late – I am 57 years old and have battled emotional eating all my life. TheHealthyWeighOut program is truly life changing. Don’t hesitate a minute.  It has been the BEST thing I have ever done for myself.”  ~ 57-year old female treated for Binge Eating Disorder