HEAL Virtual Eating Disorder IOP During COVID-19

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Our VIRTUAL Adolescent Eating Disorder IOP
is a COVID-safe option for Full & Lasting Recovery!

Our specialized eating disorder team is recognized throughout Arizona for their compassionate hearts and skillful expertise, making the successful treatment of anorexia, bulimia and associated body-image issues possible!

Our HEAL ~ Helping Empower Adolescents to LIVE ~ specialty team has created a unique, SAFE and EFFECTIVE IOP program that helps fully support your son or daughter as they work toward FULL and lasting recovery, while remaining HOME in the safety of your COVID-free environment.

We’ve crafted a one-of-a-kind online experience that allows our eating disorder therapists and dietitians to come VIRTUALLY into YOUR HOME each week, keeping your teen and family safe during this time of COVID-19. Each week, we’ll CONNECT and virtually work through therapeutic issues, skill-building exercises, and food-related fears with your teen, helping them to feel supported, connected to each other, and encouraged to continue working on recovery even during this unprecedented time of sequester.

Our program is uniquely open to even young adolescents, beginning aged 11 through 17. We proudly offer a mix of male and female participants and encourage a cohesive and supportive shared interpersonal teen experience.

Who said recovery couldn’t be fun? Our teens laugh, cry, and support each other as they work through eating disorder recovery challenges and difficulties and learn to overcome ED ~ TOGETHER.

Our IOP team – eating disorder registered dietitian, Christina Caple, and eating disorder therapist, Amy Gerberry.

What makes our HEAL Adolescent Eating Disorder IOP program so unique?

  • HEAL is a great VIRTUAL alternative to inpatient programs (when your child is medically stable)
  • We accept clients as young as age 11
  • Our program is open to both girls and boys
  • We can reach teens statewide ~ all throughout Arizona!
  • But even more importantly, our therapeutic recovery hearts are filled with compassion and HOPE for bringing your teen to FULL and lasting recovery.


What Will Your Teen Gain?

Facing Eating Disorder Fears Together ~ in Real-Time
We’ll face your child’s fears virtually together, and help your teen overcome obstacles within the safety and comfort of your own home, working towards living the life they desire!

Canvassing Your Closet
Let’s go through your closet – virtually together! We’ll work through body-image distortions, insecurities and anxieties, and face the closet together!

Cooking During COVID
We will navigate cooking in YOUR kitchen, and make food decisions during COVID a virtual recipe for success!

Returning to School
Usual nerves about returning to school are turning into “re-entry anxiety.” We’ll address concerns and help your teen to feel prepared to return to school ~ and the world post-COVID.

Challenging Rituals
We will virtually face eating disorder fears, challenging rules and rituals…together!

Building Skills
This one’s for the parents! We will virtually engage with parents to provide much-needed support and help you to build skills in the name of lasting recovery.

Zooming Fun
We’ll share Zoom yoga and Zoom art therapy, and will get our bodies and our creative Spirits going in the name of good, old fashioned VIRTUAL summer fun:)

Taking Action
The timing is right to encourage and support your teen to use this time at home to make a break from their eating disorder in a compassionate, SUPPORTIVE and effective virtual program.

If you want to learn more, please schedule a FREE assessment: Call (480) 941-4247 or email us at: Contact@aNewBeginning.com.