Our BodySAFE Intuitive Exercise Studio

With a purposeful absence of traditional “gym” equipment and intentionally located within a garden office complex across the street from a quiet, beautiful park, our innovative Intuitive Exercise Studio is the perfect environment to get re-acquainted with your body and healthy movement that is creative, joyful, stress-relieving — and supportive of our clients’  journey toward emotional and physical well-being!

Our state-of-the-art Intuitive Exercise Studio is a unique, uplifting, “BodySAFE” facility that is available for use when working in some of the following areas:

Warm, welcoming and private, our beautiful Intuitive Exercise Studio mirrors the emotionally safe, respectful manner in which every client within the A New Beginning family is embraced.

With unique zen-like features, set within an energizing environment alive with positive, transformational energy, our beautiful new Intuitive Exercise Studio is the perfect to get re-acquainted with your body in a HEALTHY, healing manner!