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Welcome to A New Beginning!  We are honored that you are considering entrusting us with your psychological care and we look forward to the prospect of welcoming you into our treatment center.  Finding quality psychological treatment that feels comfortable and hope-full is especially important when seeking psychological services. We hope you find our website, educational materials and inspirational videos helpful as you move through your decision-making process.

Whether entering into treatment at A New Beginning or another quality facility, we hope our belief in the ability to fully recover from all eating disorders, depression, anxiety, relationships issues, past trauma or abuse, etc. provides you with optimism for your personal journey into health.

The following is a guide to help familiarize you with the typical, initial steps involved in starting your treatment at A New Beginning.

Step 1:
Schedule an Initial Assessment

Whether you have been referred to us by a physician, friend, family member, therapist, school counselor, or internet search, the first step in beginning your treatment process is to set up a one-hour initial assessment appointment.

At A New Beginning, we feel it is very important to have a “good fit” when working with a therapist, so right from the start, we make every effort to match you with the best-suited professional on our team.

To achieve this, A New Beginning’s Client Care Coordinator, Lauren, will briefly discuss with you during your initial phone call various aspects of your treatment needs, preferences and, if appropriate, past treatment experiences. She will then recommend, and schedule you with, the A New Beginning clinician who possesses the skills, traits, and specialty areas most-suited to your personal needs. If necessary, Lauren will speak with our clinical director, to ensure that you are scheduled with the best-suited professional, given your specific treatment needs.

Step 2:
Initial Assessment Appointment


Every client’s treatment begins with an initial assessment appointment. During this one-hour session, your recommended therapist and/or dietitian will begin the process of exploring the presenting issues that led you to treatment. These may include current and past behavioral and emotional symptoms, assessment of current and past level of functioning, past treatment experiences, relevant personal history and treatment goals.

At the end of the one-hour initial assessment, your therapist will be able to summarize their clinical impressions, answer questions, and provide feedback regarding various aspects of your specific situation and treatment needs. This will include discussing treatment recommendations for relevant services that will support your treatment goals.

Step 3:
Ongoing Support

As an A New Beginning client, you will be supported throughout your treatment process. If more extensive treatment is needed, we will put together a “treatment team” that will consist of specialized professionals who will work together to provide you with the comprehensive components of care needed to attain genuine and consistent psychological health!

As your advocate and psychological care provider, we are committed to the facilitation of a successful treatment process. This may include recommending and coordinating care with professionals in the community such as physicians, psychiatrists, indicated medical specialists, schools and inpatient treatment facilities, if necessary.

At A New Beginning, we take your care very seriously and treat every client as if you were a member of our own family. Throughout your process, please feel free to ask questions, to provide us with feedback as to how we are meeting your needs and feel secure in the knowledge that you have a caring, responsive team behind you!

Believe in your ability to change. Start now.

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If you have additional questions, it may be helpful to review our FAQs page or contact our Client Care Coordinator at 480-941-4247.