Emotional & Binge Eating Group Therapy: Adults

Compulsive Overeating, Emotional Eating, and Binge Eating Group Therapy

We recognize that overcoming emotional eating and binge eating disorder is a process that is progressive, and oftentimes needs continued support as you journey toward complete freedom from food! Therefore, we’ve created this helpful, weekly therapy group for people affected by emotional and binge eating.

In a safe, supportive atmosphere we gently work to identify and explore the many factors that have contributed to your emotional and binge eating behavior. Utilizing a No-Diet interpersonal group model coupled with structured discussions around things like Intuitive Eating and Healthy Emotion Regulation ~ all within an emotionally safe and cohesive group setting ~ participants are able to address and resolve their struggles with the emotional psychological and roots of disordered eating, including things like allowing vs avoiding emotions; allowing new experiences of healthy interpersonal trust; the development of healthy communication; resolving feelings of shame; and the development of safe emotional intimacy with others.

This is a powerful, transformative group that brings people through the healthy stages of emotional and binge eating recovery, allowing new emotional and behavioral skills to be developed so that food is no longer (mis)used as a primary means to cope with the difficulties of life.

This group is open to adult men and women who are affected by compulsive overeating, emotional eating, and/or binge eating. We utilize a no-diet approach to healing, and alumni of our program, TheHealthyWeighOut, are strongly encouraged to join. Weekly attendance for all group members is requested to help create a therapeutic atmosphere of continuity, trust and cohesion.


   Time: 5:30-7:00pm

   Cost: $65 per group session

   Facilitator: Taana Abbitt, LCSW