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Emotionally Safe, Judgment-Free PRIVATE forum to receive

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We’ve created a really affordable, easily accessible, PRIVATE online forum where it’s EASY to receive state-of-the-art education and encouragement within a community of support, that will lift you up and help you to grow as you work on successfully overcoming emotional eating and binge eating behavior.


What does Membership in Circle of HOPE mean?

SO many people from across the world have reached out to Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley related to their “The Deeper Work” approach to Emotional and Binge Eating Disorder, asking to work with them therapeutically through Skype or other teleconferencing formats.  People living in New Zealand, England, Australia, Germany, etc. have responded to our international podcasts, youtube channel, media appearances, etc. asking to become clients!

While we can’t unfortunately work with clients in a one-on-one therapeutic treatment relationship outside of the state of Arizona, we CAN provide EDUCATION through innovative formats, such as online programs and VideoCasts (think video webinar + podcast).

Therefore, in true Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley fashion, we set about working to create the very BEST vehicle possible to emotionally touch and help educate people struggling with Emotional & Binge Eating Disorder who desire TRUE, lasting change but are not able to meet with us individually in our Scottsdale, Arizona treatment center.


The Result?

An INNOVATIVE, heartfelt online platform where we deliver our signature “The Deeper Work” approach through interactive, educational VideoCasts within a PRIVATE community of support:)

Welcome to Inside the Mind of an Emotional Eater:  Circle of HOPE!

Membership in our “Circle of HOPE” Community includes:

  • “Real time” access to Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley through their weekly 45-minute educational VideoCast, “The Deeper Work.”  Our interactive VideoCasts alternate between topical themes relevant to emotional and binge eating recovery and member-driven Q&A.
  • “Real time” access to Emotional Eating Specialist and Certified Diabetes Educator, Amy Reynolds, RD through her weekly 45-minute interactive VideoCast, “Chew on This.” These interactive VideoCasts alternate between topical themes relevant to eating, body, weight, food, and health, and member-driven Q&A.
  • Dr. Julie’s fun video series, “Mission Monday,” offering you gentle “nudges” of encouragement to do a new emotional or psychological piece of work within yourSelf that can support the Full Recovery process.
  • Dr. Ashley’s fun video series, “Recovery Hacks,” offering you quick tips and “tricks’ to make your emotional eating recovery process easier.
  • Encouraging educational and inspirational posts structured throughout the week, designed to lift you up and move you forward in your journey toward understanding and change.  Think: Tiny-Win Wednesday & Frustrating Friday 🙂
  • Discounted rates on upcoming online programs and fun merchandise.


A Unique Space to Learn, Laugh, Ask, Engage & Be Supported!

We know that the journey toward change is difficult.  And, while it’s “easier,” “safer,” or more “comfortable” to retreat and try to change your Self, it’s nearly impossible (and quite lonely) to achieve meaningful change without helpful education and the support of others.

That’s why we created this innovative, empathic, emotionally safe space where like-hearted people can come together.

Through “real time” educational VideoCasts with Drs. Julie & Ashley, Q&A video episodes, weekly engagement through inspirational and supportive posts, and spontaneous sharing amongst our private community of Circle of HOPE members, we know that you will find the synergy and support of a safe, respectful community to be INSTRUMENTAL in your emotional growth and behavioral change!

Of course, active participation is always respectfully OPTIONAL.

But we hope you’ll test out the waters and find that when you swim within a pool of like-hearted individuals, school is a lot more enjoyable:)


What Does “Private” Mean?

Our “Circle of HOPE” is a subscription-only membership community.  While we utilize a web-based format that allows people from all over the world to join, the only people who are able to have access to the community are people who have formally joined the membership group.  This allows us to have a close-knit “private”community with interaction occurring ONLY between people who have formally joined the community.

Two Levels of Membership

You’re welcome to join as a Monthly or Annual member. Regardless of your membership, you will have access to ALL of the video archives, members’ posts, and upcoming videos. Annual members save about 3 months worth of membership, so if you think this might be helpful, we definitely encourage you to save some cash and join for the year. However, if you’d like to sample it and see if this is something that might be helpful for you, join for a month. You can always upgrade to an annual membership later if you want.

We want everyone to have access to our “The Deeper Work” material!  Therefore, a membership is priced at the affordable rate of only $29.99/month.

There are no commitments, no contracts, and no gimmicks.  Just an ABUNDANCE of education and a community of support that we KNOW will change your Life, and your relationship with food!


Our Topics are about the REAL “Hidden Pieces” that Drive Emotional Eating & Binge Eating

Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley credit their professional success and international following to their unique approach which helps you “connect-the-dots” between your oftentimes frustrating and CONFUSING eating behavior (we know you really DO want to eat “normally!”), and underlying “hidden pieces”that are frequently related to emotional, interpersonal or trauma issues that are unconsciously being “managed” through your relationship with food.

Through awareness, education, and support it IS possible to develop a healthy relationship with FOOD! But first, it’s necessary to understand the “hidden pieces” that can give rise to your seemingly unrelated compulsion to overeat.


Here’s a sampling of “The Deeper Work” episodes with Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley:

  • October 16:  Why we NEED “The Deeper Work”
  • October 23:  Vulnerability – Hiding Out with Food
  • October 30:  A Painful Paradox: Needing Food, Blaming Your Self
  • December 18:  Asking for What You Need (It’s Not Food)
  • January 8:  New Year. Old You: Recovery of Your REAL Self
  • February 5:  Fear of Intimacy:  When Food is Your Safest Lover


“Chew on This” VideoCast titles just announced!  Here’s a sampling of episodes with Amy Reynolds, RD:

  • October 17:  Intuitive Eating & Why We Hate Dietitian
  • October 31:  Carbs, Fats and Proteins, Oh My!
  • November 7:  Listening To Your Body: Hunger, Appetite, Fullness & Feelings                      
  • November 21:  Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie: Permission To Eat Granted
  • December 19:  Unpopular Opinion: You Don’t Have To Join A Gym
  • January 23:  I Can’t Get No Satisfaction and Why That’s A Problem

Confused?  Here are a few examples of our weekly educational VideoCasts and short “Nudges of Encouragement” videos our members receive throughout EACH week!



In this poignant VideoCast, “Not Heard, Not Seen: Painful Pasts” Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley discuss how growing up in a Narcissistic Family System contributes to using food as a means to comfort underlying feelings of lack of Self-worth, loneliness and Self-esteem.



 “Mission Monday:”  Dr. Julie provides members with a safe, encouraging video prompt related to the previous weeks’ VideoCast that helps you move gently forward in your process of change.



“Recovery Hacks:” Dr. Ashley provides members with extremely helpful emotional eating recovery tips & skills in this straight-forward, personal video series.


To watch all of the Videos from our FIRST MONTH, check out our YouTube Channel: Circle of HOPE Playlist



Thank you for Trusting us with your

Heart & HOPE <3

We KNOW how difficult it can be to TRUST and to HOPE, once again, that someone will introduce you to something that will help you to change  behavior that oftentimes makes you feel shameful, out of control, “weak,” like “something’s wrong with me,” or hopeless.

Every time a new member steps into our “Circle,” we celebrate a dual event.  You trusting us.  And us having the surreal opportunity to reach yet another person with knowledge that we know will open your eyes and help change your behavior, from the inside-out.

Thank you for trusting us with your vulnerable Self.  We look forward to gently guiding you into life-enhancing change.

Your Co-Hosts… In heart & health,

Drs. Julie & Ashley!


* Note: If you are joining on your iPhone, be sure to sign-up using your internet browser and NOT the Mighty Networks app (the hosting platform). If you join through the iOS app, you will be charged a lot more. Once you become a member, then we encourage you to download the Mighty Networks app and access our Community easily through there. This is not an issue for Android app users.

** Note: All activity within Inside the Mind of an Emotional Eater (IMEE) is strictly EDUCATIONAL in nature and does not constitute entering into a therapeutic relationship with Dr. Julie, Dr. Ashley or any other professional associated with IMEE. IMEE is not a replacement for psychotherapy, when needed.

*** Note: IMEE is a division that operates within The Healthy Weigh Out, LLC

**** Note: By becoming a member of our Circle of HOPE, you understand and agree to our Terms & Conditions of Use.