Treatment for Overeating, Emotional Eating, & Binge Eating Disorder

Our liberating approach will change your relationship with food, your body, and your Self!

We believe it is time to teach our wonderful clients how to eat, not how to diet. Our approach is not a traditional “diet” program, nor is it a temporary solution. Quite the contrary!

We offer an innovative, comprehensive three-pronged approach created to help chronic dieters, emotional overeaters and people who binge eat to end, once and for all, the diet-overeat-diet-overeat madness, allowing you to develop an empowering relationship with food, your body and your Self that will bring true freedom from food and the healthy life and body you desire – for the rest of your life!

“This program truly addresses all aspects of overeating and healthy weight loss in a non-threatening and emotionally safe environment. I would highly recommend it!”  ~age 69

An INNOVATIVE 3-Pronged Approach that changes your life – from the inside out

We know that it is possible to feel comfortable in your own skin, regardless of the number on the scale. We know that it is possible to live through life’s natural ups and downs without the need to turn to food for comfort, to reduce stress, or to reward yourself at the end of the day.

And, we know that it is possible to find a way to engage in exercise that is enjoyable, not shame-provoking, and that eventually becomes a positive part of your life that you actually start looking forward to!

Sound impossible? That’s what most of our clients believed, as well, when we first met them. After embracing our 3-pronged approach, however, their lives have forever been changed.

A Comprehensive Approach for Lasting Change

Our program is truly blazing a new path by integrating the necessary, interrelated areas of Nutritional, Physical AND Emotional health with a healthy “no-diet” approach for long-term, sustainable results!

Our comprehensive, three-pronged program includes the following essential, interrelated components:

  1. EMOTIONAL: This component helps you to identify the many “whys” of your overeating behavior and helps you to learn more effective, emotional coping skills and behaviors so that you will no longer need to turn to food as your primary means to cope. We also explore and help you to understand how you learned to cope with food (likely from early age), and how to replace self-judgment with compassion and genuine empathy for your self.  We also teach you how to appreciate and work with your emotional needs, as opposed to ignoring or dismissing important feelings and needs.
  2. NUTRITIONAL: Our Nutritional component is not just about learning how to read food labels and healthy portion sizing! To achieve sustainable behavioral change, it takes a seasoned combination of psychological and nutritional know-how to eliminate old problematic eating habits and to replace them with healthier, sustainable practices.  We will help you understand the “how” and “why” of the interaction between nutrition, physiology and your emotions – and you’ll learn how to work with your body’s individual physiological make-up to decrease sabotaging food cravings and to actualize the optimal physical functioning and behavioral change you desire!  We also work with issues of metabolic changes due to yo-yo dieting, Type II diabetes care and education, and eating for fulfillment and not deprivation. Lastly, you’ll learnIntuitive Eating skills that will be the ultimate in helping you find freedom from food! 
  3. PHYSICAL: We understand that for many people, “E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E” has become a four-letter word! Yet physical movement is one of the most positive, essential behaviors you can do for your physical health and emotional well-being. During our workshops, we discuss the powerful principles of Intuitive Movement, in which you choose to move your body in ways that feel good, NOT to burn or earn calories. We teach you how to restore your love for joyful, soulful movement.

“You will learn so much about yourself, your emotions, your physical abilities and your food relationships that will bring you closer to the new life you so deserve.”  ~ age 57

Achieve Your Goals of Life-Long Change

The 3-prongs of our approach can be addressed in different ways, depending on your personal needs and preferences.

2-day workshops
Join us for three educational and experiential workshops designed to introduce you to the foundational Emotional, Nutritional, and Physical fitness components necessary to find true, lasting freedom from food! Click here for more information about the workshops, and here for dates of upcoming workshops and to register online.

Individual therapeutic services
Support your Emotional and Nutritional health with the many individualized services offered by our expert team of emotional and binge eating professionals: psychologists, therapists, and registered dietitians.


Whichever approach best suits your needs, we are here to help!