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Emotional Eaters, Overeaters & Binge Eaters

In 2014, Dr. Julie T. Anné  and Dr. Ashley Southard set out to change the world.  Well, maybe it’s more accurate to say that they set out to change the manner in which people struggling with chronic overeating, emotional eating, binge eating disorder, and associated issues with weight, were treated.

As seasoned eating disorder specialists, Dr. Julie and Dr. Ashley knew that compulsive overeating had very little to do with food. And just about everything to do with deeper underlying processes that affected your relationship with your emotions, your relationship with your Body, and your relationship with your Self.

After having had the privilege of helping literally hundreds of individuals FULLY heal their dysfunctional relationship with food through participation in TheHealthyWeighOut workshops and in-person therapy services, they KNEW they needed to bring their original approach to true emotional eating resolution to people outside of their Scottsdale, Arizona treatment center.

And the rest is history.

International podcasts, a very popular YouTube channel, a Mayo Clinic School of Medicine Faculty appointment, media spots and growing status as international emotional eating experts all led to Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley receiving an outpouring of global requests asking to make their groundbreaking healing work available to people around the world.

The result?

cutting edge, international educational platform…TheHealthyWeighOut Circle of HOPE was born!


Welcome to Circle of HOPE ~ where Full Recovery is at your Fingertips!

Circle of HOPE is a one-of-a-kind virtual community for people struggling to overcome Binge Eating, Compulsive Overeating, Emotional Eating, and Chronic Yo-yo dieting. The goal of this very special online community is to provide an emotionally safe, judgment-free zone where you have access to life-changing education that will transform your relationship with food, your body, and your Self…allowing you to create Full Recovery from the inside out.

Circle of HOPE is led by co-hosts, Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley, internationally-recognized specialists in the field of emotional eating, binge eating, overeating, and related struggles (think anxiety, trauma, and challenging family systems). With 44 years of combined experience effectively treating and resolving disordered eating, we have become the go-to experts because of our in-depth understanding of what’s really going on under the psychological surface of your compulsive eating behavior. We know your desire to overeat is not simply about food, and we know the solution cannot be found solely in diets and exercise! Rather, we’ll help you connect-the-dots so that you can understand how your relationship with emotions and with your Self has everything to do with your relationship with food.

Discover our Signature Approach, “The Deeper Work”

Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley credit their professional success and international following to their unique approach that effectively helps you “connect-the-dots” between your oftentimes frustrating and CONFUSING eating behavior (we know you really do want to eat “normally”), and the underlying “hidden pieces” that are frequently related to emotional, relational, and/or trauma issues that are unconsciously being “managed” through your relationship with food.

This is what we call, “The Deeper Work.”

Through awareness, education, and encouragement, it IS possible to develop a healthy relationship with food! Helping you make sense out of these not-so-obvious “deeper” psychological pieces is key, and we can’t wait to teach you all of this when you join Circle of HOPE!

Membership in Circle of HOPE includes ALL of the following:

  • LIVE access to Emotional Eating Treatment Experts, Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley, through their weekly 45-minute educational VideoCast, “The Deeper Work.”  Every week, the Doctors discuss topical themes relevant to emotional and binge eating recovery (e.g., history of trauma/abuse, living from False Self, emotional sensitivity) and answer members’ specific questions. Members are invited to join in on the conversations, and recordings of all past VideoCasts are always available to watch whenever you want.
  • LIVE access to Emotional Eating Dietitians, Amy Reynolds, RD, CDE and Demi McGauley, RD, CDE, through their weekly 30-minute educational VideoCast, “Chew On This.” Every week, Amy and Demi discusses nutritional themes relevant to emotional and binge eating recovery (e.g., intuitive eating, dieting, BMI, wellness culture) and answer members’ specific questions. Members are invited to join in on the conversations, and recordings of all past VideoCasts are always available to watch whenever you want.
  • Dr. Julie’s personable video series, “Mission Monday,” offering you gentle “nudges” of encouragement to do a new emotional or psychological piece of work within yourSelf that can support the Full Recovery process. Recordings of all past Mission Mondays are always available to watch whenever you want. Here’s a sample:

  • Dr. Ashley’s fun video series, “Recovery Hacks,” offering you quick tips and “tricks” to make your emotional eating recovery process easier. Recordings of all past Recovery Hacks are always available to watch whenever you want. Here’s a sample:

  • Frequent posts from Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley that offer education and inspiration, designed to lift you up and move you forward in your journey toward understanding and change.  Think: Tiny Win Wednesday & Frustrating Friday 🙂

  • Connection with Members vis-à-vis heartfelt sharing of the highs and lows of struggling with Emotional and Binge Eating. Our members are some of the most compassionate people who offer loving, non-judgmental support to each other. Of course, interaction with members is completely optional and never expected or required.

Curious what a weekly VideoCast is like? Think Video + Podcast = Meaningful Education & Conversation that has the power to change your life forever. Here’s a sample of two of our VideoCasts. The first video is a segment from our discussion about Narcissistic Family Systems & Binge Eating, and the second video is a segment from a member-driven Q&A episode.

To watch more video snippets from our weekly VideoCasts, check out our very popular YouTube Channel.

Two Levels of Membership

You’re welcome to join as a Monthly or Annual member. Regardless of your membership, you will have access to ALL of the video archives, members’ posts, and upcoming videos. Annual members save about 3 months worth of membership, so if you think this community might be helpful for you, we definitely encourage you to save some cash and join for the year. However, if you’d like to sample it and see if this is something that might be helpful for you, join for a month. You can always upgrade to an annual membership later if you want.

We want everyone to have access to our life-changing material!  Therefore, a membership is priced at the affordable rate of only $29.99/month.

There are no commitments, no contracts, and no gimmicks.  Just an ABUNDANCE of education and a community of support that we KNOW will change your Life, and your relationship with food!



Curious about signing up? Watch this 1-minute video to see how easy it is to join. 

Thank you for Trusting us with your Heart & HOPE <3

We KNOW how difficult it can be to TRUST and to HOPE, once again, that someone will introduce you to something that will truly help you to transform long-standing behavior that oftentimes makes you feel shameful, out of control, “weak,” like “something’s wrong with me,” or hopeless. Because you’ve tried so many things already, we know it feels risky to get your hopes up and believe that we’ll have anything new or different to offer.

But we do! Our educational videos and encouraging posts are like nothing you’ve ever experienced. We get to the heart of the matter, and we know that you will find the synergy and support of a safe, respectful community to be INSTRUMENTAL in your emotional growth and behavioral change! Every week we laugh together, cry together, learn together, and grow together, and we hope you will be the next person to join us on this journey into fulfilling and lifelong change.

Every time a new member steps into the Circle of HOPE, we celebrate a dual event.  You trusting us.  And us having the surreal opportunity to reach yet another person with knowledge that we know will open your eyes and help change your behavior, from the inside out.

Thank you for trusting us with your vulnerable Self.  We look forward to gently guiding you into life-enhancing change.

In heart & health,

Drs. Julie & Ashley!

PS – If you have more questions, please click here to read answers to our frequently asked questions. And if you still don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us directly with your specific question. Lastly, please review the Terms & Conditions before joining Circle of HOPE.


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