Intuitive Exercise

At A New Beginning, we appreciate the importance of incorporating healthy movement into the overall treatment of many of the psychological conditions we treat (i.e., depression, anxiety, body-image struggles, etc.) as well as recommending movement as a means to support the overall emotional and physical well-being of our clients.

Whether re-engaging in non-excessive movement to build bone density or muscle mass following successful eating disorder recovery treatment, re-connecting to your body through soulful practices of yoga following trauma treatment, incorporating movement as a healthy approach to body-image,  or utilizing stress-reducing exercise to aid in the treatment of depression and/or anxiety, “Intuitive Exercise” can be an important part of a holistic healing process!

What is Intuitive Exercise? 

Similar to Intuitive Eating, which encourages people to eat foods that are both nutritious and delicious, intuitive exercise is based on the principles of engaging in movement that is both good for your body and enjoyable for you.

Rather than rigidly focusing on number of calories burned, heartbeats per minute, or average speed, intuitive exercisers seek out physical activities that help them to feel strong, confident, and proud of their bodies, regardless of fitness statistics or the number on the scale!  Examples of Intuitive Exercise may include:

  • Walking around a park with your kids as they ride their bikes
  • Dancing to music that you enjoy
  • Hiking in the mountains during the spring
  • Swimming 
  • Playing kickball with friends

Even more traditional aerobic gym activity can be “intuitive” if it is done in response to your body’s own personal needs and signals.  Examples of this may include:

  • Traditional aerobic activity that feels good, not punitive
  • Riding a stationary bike to release stress
  • Walking fast on a treadmill to train for a personal goal of jogging in a 5k event
  • Engaging in strength training because it makes you feel strong and builds your confidence

A New Beginning’s Innovative, BodySAFE Private Intuitive Exercise Studio

Because so many of our clients have had negative experiences in traditional gym settings, where they may have been shamed, experienced unhealthy environments wrought with “lookism” or “appearance competition,” and/or worked with trainers that are disordered or unhealthy in their approach to body and weight, A New Beginning created an emotionally safe, PRIVATE intuitive exercise studio for exclusive use by our clients.

Our state-of-the-art Intuitive Exercise Studio is a unique, uplifting, “BodySAFE” facility that is available for our clients to use when working on some of the following areas:

Check Out Our Intuitive Exercise Studio

Our compassionate Strength and Movement Specialists

A New Beginning is excited to have emotionally safe “intuitive exercise” strength and movement specialists, Marta Malloy and Terri Hay, as part of our treatment family! With a shared passion for embracing movement in a healthy manner, Marta and Terri approach each unique client with respect, compassion, and the seasoned ability to transform goals into a healthy reality.