A New Beginning is committed to our role as responsible world citizens during this unprecedented time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, we have made accommodations to  temporarily transition all in-person nutrition and psychotherapy sessions to telehealth (video and phone) as a safe and effective treatment modality during this time of medical crisis.  We are grateful to have this innovative mode of treatment that allows us to continue to provide the same high-quality services we are known for, during this time of need.  

To schedule your telehealth session: 
(480) 941-4247 | contact@anewbeginning.com

Dr. Julie T. Anné
Licensed Psychologist
Founder / Director
We believe in your ability to FULLY recover.
In 1992, A New Beginning was the first to boldly state, "Full recovery is possible," giving hope to those who were told they could never fully recover.

26 years later, we continue to lead the field of eating disorders through our innovative treatment, education, and unwavering belief that FULL recovery is not only possible..    Full Recovery Happens!
National Leaders in the Field of Eating Disorders
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