Why an “Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian” is Your Recovery’s Best Friend


If you struggle with disordered eating or you’ve been diagnosed with a formal eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder), chances are you already know everything you need to know about nutrition, and about what and how you are supposed to eat!

For most, the problem is not about knowing what you are supposed to eat, it’s about figuring out HOW in the world you are going to get yourself to do it.

That’s why a Registered Dietitian, who is an Eating Disorder Specialist, is your Recovery’s Best Friend!

Will an Eating Disorder Nutritionist Simply Hand Me a Meal Plan?  NO!

There is so much mis-information regarding what an eating disorder dietitian’s role will be in your treatment and eating disorder recovery process.  Eating disorder nutrition specialists certainly do not hand out diets, give you general meal plans, or simply educate you on food pyramids, exchanges or portion size.

At A New Beginning, we believe it is imperative to approach every individual client with the intent to understand their history, their personal behaviors and emotional path that led them into disordered eating, and to thoroughly understand the building blocks of gradual behavioral change that will eventually allow you to achieve the ability to approach food in a healthy, balanced, non-eating disordered and enjoyable manner.

Everything we do at A New Beginning is personalized, and our nutritional care is no exception.

Our eating disorder dietitian team’s goal is to find ways to help you be successful at making oftentimes baby-step upon baby-step changes that will eventually result in your ability to develop a healthy, non-disordered approach to food.

Finding Freedom from Food!

Whether working to recover from anorexia, bulimia, emotional overeating or binge eating disorder, the end goal for nutritional care within an eating disorder recovery process, is for you to be able to achieve true freedom from food.

What is “freedom from food?”  It’s the ability to eat what you are genuinely hungry for, without worry or obsession.  It’s about finishing a meal and leaving your emotional process and thoughts at the table, not carrying them with you in the form of anxiety or body-image distortions that plague you throughout the day.

It’s about looking forward to going out to dinner to spend time with a friend, not worrying about what you will or will not eat, or what it will do to your body the next day.  It’s about sometimes eating fruit, and sometimes eating pizza.  Sometimes ordering a salad, and sometimes happily devouring a plate full of french fries:)

Sound impossible?

It’s not, especially when you have an emotionally and behaviorally healthy registered dietitian who is also an eating disorder specialist, working closely by your side to help guide you, support you, and work with you to develop the healthy mind-set and the behavioral skills to attain a non-eating disordered approach to food.

Skill & Compassion: Our Nutrition Team is Here to Help!

Known for their personal qualities of compassion, commitment and care, A New Beginning’s exemplary nutrition team combine comprehensive nutritional skill with empathy and understanding of each client’s struggle to recover.

Be it working on recovery from: anorexia, bulimia, emotional eating, binge eating disorder, depression, and/or seeking a greater quality of life through HEALTHY weight management or diabetic care, our dietitians will work with you in a non-shaming, non-judgmental and supportive manner that will make it feel safe to journey into discovering new behaviors and a healthy recovered body and self, as a result.

Experts in nutrition and eating disorders, our nutrition team knows how to lovingly navigate the challenging eating disorder mindset and skillfully helps you take back your power from even the most chronic eating disordered behavior.

Hear from one of our dietitians, Caitlin Winsor, about her compassionate approach to helping people achieve Full Recovery from disordered eating:


Comprehensive Nutrition Therapy: Areas of Treatment

As part of our comprehensive treatment program, A New Beginning offers a full array of nutrition services throughout the following areas of care:

Hope for Lasting Change!

If you’ve been discouraged in the past by dietitians who merely told you what to do, as opposed to helping you to do it, then give us a call!  Our team of eating disorder experts are here to help guide you out of your disordered eating, and into health and well-being!    Please call:  480-941-4247