Testimonials from Top Professionals

“In my thirty years of medical practice, I’ve never met a more effective and insightful therapist as Dr Julie Anné. Dr Anné and her expert team of compassionate and talented professionals, have dramatically improved the lives of many of my patients.

Dr Anné and her therapists have truly given many patients a new and better beginning in life.”

— Connie Mariano, MD
Former White House Physician
The White House Doctor

Sudi Khosropur
Sudi Khosropur

“Last year, I served as the Executive Producer of a documentary series on eating disorders and its treatment. I combed the country to find the three top eating disorder therapists in the country. Having been trained as a therapist myself, with a specialty in eating disorders, I knew that standard talk therapy wouldn’t work with our subjects. I needed to find therapists who incorporated expressive therapies into their practices and worked closely with qualified nutritionists.

I must have interviewed at least 100 therapists and the best one, by far, was Dr. Julie Anné. I knew just by talking to her that her clients would have the highest success rate of any of our therapists – and I was right. All of the clients that she treated for our program made remarkable progress in just the first 6 weeks. I have never seen a therapist gain her clients’ trust so rapidly and zero in on exactly the right interventions to use to bring about emotional catharsis, psychological insight and behavioral change.

And I’m not the only person who knew we’d found a treasure. All the producers working on the show confessed to me how they wanted to move to Phoenix, just so that they could work with Dr. Anné. Her impact on the clients, our producers and, most of all, our audience was dramatic and awe-inspiring. There is no therapist I have met in my entire career who I respect more or would recommend more highly.”

— Sudi Khosropur
Emmy-Award winning producer of A&E’s “Intervention” and E! Network’s “What’s Eating You”

Jenni Schaefer with Dr. Julie T. Anné
Jenni Schaefer with Dr. Julie T. Anné

“A New Beginning is just that—a fresh start at life! Dr. Julie Anné and her team guide individuals and families—no matter their specific struggle—to peace, joy, and ultimate freedom. Their program is truly beautiful—both the building and the people!”


— Jenni Schaefer
Author of Goodbye Ed, Hello Me and Life Without Ed


“Transformation first happens in the heart and in the mind. Weight loss is just an afterthought. Dr. Julie Anné has been a pivotal member of our team, helping our participants get to the root of their emotional struggles, find solutions, and implement tactics to navigate the emotional journey of transformation. Thanks, Dr. Julie. We couldn’t do it without you!”

— Heidi and Chris Powell
Transformation Specialists

Marcus R. Earle, Ph.D., LMFT, CSAT
Marcus R. Earle, Ph.D., LMFT, CSAT

“For those desiring harmony in their relationship with others and food – A New Beginning lives up to their name. The journey begins as you step through the doors and are greeted by a warm, peaceful, and refreshing environment. This experience continues as clients are guided through recovery with a caring and talented treatment team under the direction of Dr. Julie Anné.

A number of my clients have received life changing services – from improving their nutrition to developing the intimacy they have longed for in their primary relationships. I find tremendous value in their commitment to bringing clients to a full recovery, something which sets A New Beginning apart from most treatment programs.”

— Marcus R. Earle, Ph.D., LMFT, CSAT
Psychological Counseling Services, Ltd.

Gail M. White, Ph.D.
Gail M. White, Ph.D.

“I have known Dr. Julie Anné for many years and have valued her clinical skills, her compassion, and her belief in psychotherapy as a means of lasting change and healing.

Dr. Anné is an outstanding psychologist. She is supportive and respectful of her clients, as well as creative in her approach. She is able to accompany clients, at their own pace, on their journey past the pain. The name of her Center, “A New Beginning,” is a wonderful description of what is possible.”

— Gail M. White, Ph.D.
San Diego Psychologists

Julie Kwatra, MD
Julie Kwatra, MD

“I have been referring patients to Dr. Julie T. Anné and A New Beginning for over ten years now. I am profoundly grateful to have them in our community; what a wonderful resource to have for my patients. They are my “go-to” therapists for psychological referrals.

Each patient is treated with respect in a warm, supportive environment. Dr. Anné in particular has helped many of my patients work through their problems in a compassionate, competent manner. I have seen many lives bloom as a result. The problems being addressed are diverse: eating and body image disorders, marital problems, self-esteem work, or a life crisis. No matter what the issue, I am continually impressed with the level of excellence at A New Beginning.”

— Julie Kwatra, MD
Arizona Women’s Care

Tricia Mckenna, Ph.D.
Tricia Mckenna, Ph.D.

“Dedicated, Empathic and Soulful are just three of the many qualities that come to mind when I think of describing my dear colleague and friend, Dr. Julie Anné. I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Anné for more than 30 years and have personally experienced her extremely caring and professional nature. Throughout the years she has provided me with valuable guidance and feedback–always within a loving and supportive framework. She is honest and straightforward with her friends, colleagues and clients.

She has devoted her professional life to improving her clients’ well-being and has recently moved into a new office that exemplifies her taste, sensitivity, elegance and warmth. In fact, she sets the bar for what fellow psychologists should strive for in their treatment of clients. Hats off to you, Dr. Anné!”

Tricia Mckenna, Ph.D.
Psychologist and Co-Founder of Life Change Psychotherapy Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Michelle May, M.D., C.S.P.
Michelle May, M.D., C.S.P.

“A New Beginning is a beautiful environment in which beautiful work is done to reveal the beautiful spirit in each person who walks through the door.”

— Michelle May, M.D., C.S.P.
Author, “Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat: How to Break Your Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle”
Winner of 7 Publishing awards and TIME.com Top Ten Notable New Diet Book 2010

Eric Greenman, M.D.
Eric Greenman, M.D.

“I have known Dr. Anné for over fifteen years. From the time that I first met her she has shown the ability to connect with patients with complicated eating disorders, and is one of the most experienced experts in the country. She has the vision and enthusiasm to change lives, and touches the many families she has worked with over the years.

In her clinic, A New Beginning, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, she has brought together the best in therapy for patients and their families, and understands the importance of building a treatment environment that both allows patients and their families the comfort and assurance that they are being taken care of by the leading experts in the country.

A New Beginning is a model for the best in mental health care for those with eating disorders, depression, and anxiety disorders. Moreover, Dr. Anné knows how crucial it is to integrate the medical aspects of treatment and nutrition into caring for the whole patient.

Beyond her practice, Dr. Anné is the “go-to” consultant around the country when it comes to expertise on eating disorders. She has a vast resource in her clinical experience, and can give both advice and guidance to those seeking the best that mental health care has to offer patients, families, and the public in the field of management of eating disorders.”

— Eric Greenman, M.D.
Board Certified Diplomate
American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology
American Board of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Testimonials from Grateful Clients with Life Changing Experiences

“I walked into A New Beginning in January 2011 looking for the magic answer to my eating problem. I’d accepted that my weight was a function of my eating. That was the easy part. Since my first diet in junior high school, I’d excelled in binging and then restricting but for the first time in my life, I simply couldn’t maintain a restrictive diet and I was angry and disappointed with my lack of self-control.

A New Beginning wasn’t my first adventure into therapy. I can’t remember the number of times I would start therapy to address my depression (usually from being overweight), anxiety, panic attacks, self-esteem issues and more. But inevitably, I would stop because it felt like a waste of time. Therapists hearing me but not listening to me.

What I found with Ashley was a trust, a warmth and genuine concern that allowed me to explore “why” with her. Why I ate until I physically hurt. Why I chose to spend my life with a man who, not only didn’t I love, but who could and would destroy my self-worth at every opportunity. Why I allowed my mother to make me feel like the worst daughter – ever. Why my life was a façade.

My trust in Ashley led to EMDR and to memories of multiple episodes of sexual abuse when I was 5 – 6 years old by a family friend after my father’s death. We processed this late in life discovery of trauma and it doesn’t drive my life anymore, subconsciously or consciously.

Because of Ashley and A New Beginning, life has changed dramatically. I don’t live to please everyone and I’m slowly learning what brings me joy. Food doesn’t play a pivotal role in my life any longer. And most importantly, I have a newfound sense of confidence that I can be authentic with people and still be accepted even if I set boundaries. I’m even getting to like myself. Imagine that!

If you’re reading this then at some level you are searching for help. Forget your past experiences with other therapists and call A New Beginning. They will help you with whatever it is that brought you to this page and support you through your recovery. You will have a family of non-judgmental professionals that cares about you and always has your best interest at heart.

A New Beginning has helped and continues to help me. I don’t want to think about where I would be now had I not found this remarkable group of people.”

— Cheryl, 57
Treated for Binge Eating Disorder

“Thank YOU for all that YOU do and are!  You’ve created a wonderful, healing center that exudes warmth and hope, down to the perfect name of your center.  The source of that hope is YOU which emanates from you so much so that it is almost palpable.  The deep love for what you do, your genuine concern for all the patients of A New Beginning and the warmth and joy you put out into the universe!  This is so evident from the sparkle in your eyes and the energy you radiate.
Sorry if this is too mushy, it is not fluff.  It is genuinely how I feel and you deserve to know this!  Why shouldn’t you receive just a little of all that you put out?!”
“Parent of adolescent daughter”
Letter of gratitude sent to Dr. Julie

“My experience was nothing short of life changing, as I was able to recognize my self-destructive methods of confronting life’s problems in a safe, nurturing and encouraging environment. The professional staff never faltered and therefore, I consistently felt supported in my journey. Although the journey was difficult, I learned who I was from the inside out, accepted myself and loved myself. Today I am able to give that love and acceptance to others who choose to grow in self-discovery. Thank you, Dr. Anné and staff, for your compassion, convictions, and encouragement throughout the entire process.”

— SB
Recovered Since 1994

“My experience at A New Beginning changed my life. When I first came to see Dr. Julie T. Anné, I was so afraid. When I looked in the mirror, I had no idea who I was. I had been living with an Eating Disorder for 10 years before I finally decided I was ready to get help.

At my first appointment with Dr. Anné, I was so nervous that I couldn’t even look her in the eye when I spoke. Although I was terrified, Dr. Anné made me feel comfortable and cared for. I cannot say enough about how caring and compassionate she is. Dr. Anné helped me along my journey to become fully recovered from my eating disorder. Dr. Anné’s kindness and patience made it possible for me to relax and become the person I was meant to be.

Never did I think that group therapy would be an option for me since I was so anxious sharing with others. The group therapy was a huge and transformative part of my recovery. I will always have a special place in my heart for those amazing individuals who shared their feelings and helped me feel whole again.

I have been recovered now for 8 years! I never thought that would be possible. I never thought I would experience true love or happiness…..and now I have both. I can’t even imagine how different life would be if I never sought treatment. I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Anné and A New Beginning. Recovery is possible!!!”

— MM
Recovered Since 2007

“My Path to Health: This very short memoir is designed to give hope to the hopeless. I was you. I was hopeless.

I had suffered from an eating disorder for most of my life. I remember being eight years old and worried about my weight. This was in 1961 when kids weren’t inundated with images of skinny models and diet programs. I started taking laxatives in 7th grade and I was exercising in my room by 8th. I gained 8 pounds with my last pregnancy. Everyone was telling me that I looked sick and I thought they were jealous. I had no understanding of what I was doing or why.

I had my ah-ha moment when I was almost fifty years old. I realized I needed help. Through twisted channels I found Dr. Julie Anne. That was the beginning of the end. Through Dr. Anne’s guidance and both of our persistence I have come out the other side. My process has taken almost ten years. I thought it would never end. I felt that while Julie always told me recovery is a reality, it would never happen for me. I was different. I was incurable. I had suffered so many traumas, so much loss, that the best I could hope for was status quo.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I was wrong! I continued with therapy when I didn’t want to continue. I was ambivalent, did I even want to get better? But, I persevered. And, finally, I recovered. I found my voice. I no longer needed my eating disorder to speak for me, I could speak for myself. So, I am woman! I’m happy, (what a concept!), I no longer have the hateful voices talking at me, I am part of the present. Have I forgotten my past? Of course not! But I won’t let it ruin the rest of my life. I will not give it the power! My mind and body are relaxed. I enjoy every day. Life is not perfect, it’s life and that’s okay. And you know, friends and family still love me! Even if I am not starving for their attention.

I want to thank Dr. Julie Anne, for sticking with me and for helping me to find my way home. I also want to thank Dr. Anna Brennan and Brina Jorgensen. Last but not least, all my fellow group members who were always supportive and helped me to realize that I was not crazy. Every day is a new day.”

— M
Recovered Since 2012

“I have struggled with eating issues for the majority of my adult life and it took me many years until I realized I even had an eating disorder – let alone try and deal with it.

My journey began fairly haphazardly, reaching out to Dr. Anné in a ’whatever’ kind of manner. I had been in therapy before and did not find it to be helpful so my expectations were quite low. Additionally, I believed that eating issues were hard-wired – something that defines you – to be managed – certainly not eliminated.

I am pleased to say I was wrong on both accounts.

Dr. Anné helped me tremendously, in part because I was ready to tackle my issues, but also because of the manner with which she conducts her sessions. She has a talent for driving straight to the underlying emotions and reasons for why your eating is in disorder. I was constantly surprised as to how much I really did not know about myself and together we worked to connect the dots that had mystified me for much of my life.

Dr. Anné was very organized in her approach. I knew when she thought I was ready to scale back and complete my individual therapy – there was a definite beginning and end and Dr. Anné always made me aware of the progress I was making. Additionally, I appreciated Dr. Anné’s practice of using a team of professionals who specialize in different aspects of the recovery process – again, with a very definite beginning and end for the process.

The other account I was wrong on was the aspect of healing and recovery. They are both possible and attainable for everyone regardless on where they are when they enter Dr. Anné’s practice. The disordered eating that I thought was with me for life and at best could be successfully managed – is gone. I rarely think of food unless I am hungry and have removed food as a source of comfort. Dr. Anné, through real time lessons, teaches how to replace food as a comfort with more positive activities. She teaches how to change the behavior rather than preaching that the behavior needs to be changed.

If you are reading this and my message resonates with you – pick up the phone today – I promise it will be the best gift you will have ever given yourself.”

— DR (age 55)
Recovered Since 2011