Group Therapy – Overview

A New Beginning’s Extensive Group Therapy Program

Through the years, we have found group therapy to be a highly effective, powerful therapeutic experience that serves as an exciting supplement to our clients’ individual work.

Facilitated only by seasoned therapists trained in group dynamics, our therapeutic groups go beyond the typical “support group” format, providing clients with a transformative interpersonal group approach that provides participants with the opportunity to work on developing healthy interpersonal skills directed toward the development of: interpersonal trust, emotional intimacy, healthy need fulfillment, healthy communication skills, self-worth, self-esteem, and feelings of belonging.

“I will always have a special place in my heart for those amazing individuals who shared their feelings and helped me feel whole again.”   —SF

Every group is focused around a shared therapeutic theme and participants are assessed by the group facilitator before formally joining the group to ensure that the group is a “good fit” and will provide the specific therapeutic experiences they need.

Because group is seen as a supplement to individual work, we ask that every group member be engaged in concurrent individual therapy – either within A New Beginning or elsewhere – as a requisite for participation in any therapy group.

“I want to thank…all my fellow group members who were always supportive and helped me to realize that I was not crazy.  Every day is a new day.”             
— Recovered 2012

For a comprehensive description of each of our dynamic and helpful groups offered at A New Beginning, please review our detailed group services menu or call us at (480) 941-4247.