Our Specialists

Experienced. Skilled. Compassionate.


We are proud to introduce A New Beginning’s acclaimed team of clinical specialists. Highly regarded as one of the top clinical teams in Arizona, and well-known throughout the field of eating disorders, each seasoned clinician is specialized in the complex, multi-faceted treatment of eating disorders, as well as the underlying issues that oftentimes accompany them. These include: depression, anxiety, OCD, low self-esteem, abuse/neglect, relationship issues, personality disorders, and trauma.

Comprehensive in scope, complementary by nature, each clinician within A New Beginning further sub-specializes in a complimentary area of focus such as: anorexia, bulimia, emotional eating, binge eating disorder, male eating disorders, exercise bulimia, “late in life” eating disorders, family therapy, marital therapy, depression, anxiety, CBT / DBT, and EMDR. This allows us to match each specific client with the clinician who is best suited to meet their particular treatment needs.

The result is a truly comprehensive team that is specialized to meet the needs of each unique client. Hand-picked not only for their exceptional clinical skill and eating disorder expertise, but their personal qualities of commitment, compassion and enthusiasm for helping others.

A New Beginning offers therapeutic care that is not only top of the field, but heartfelt as well!