Family Therapy

Is your family adjusting to life after in-patient treatment?

Is your child acting out and/or shutting you out?

Do you feel like you’ve lost your teenager to technology, disrespectful behavior, or bad decisions?

Do you and your partner disagree about how best to parent your child(ren)?

Have you and and your child(ren) been driven apart by divorce or remarriage?

Family Therapy Offered at A New Beginning

Loving, effective parenting is one of life’s primary, albeit most difficult, tasks. As parents, we all long to give our children only the best and do what will make them happy. But, for many, no amount of love and good intentions can prepare us for the hardships that naturally come with this responsibility. From family crises to peer pressure to social media, today’s families are faced with ever-growing challenges that complicate an already difficult task.

At A New Beginning, we thoroughly enjoy helpings parents and their children navigate the complex world of an intricate family system, where “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Working to create a safe haven for each individual member to have a voice and let their true, unedited selves out, family therapy helps parents and children restore effective, loving communication; resolve “baggage” from the past; and create healthy interdependence, such that age-appropriate independence and dependence are delicately balanced.

Whether seeking family therapy as the primary focus of treatment or as a supplement to individual work, let our expert therapists guide you and your family to healthier, more satisfying family relations.