Healthy Weight & Food Management: Child, Teen & Adult

Providing an Emotionally, Nutritionally and Physically Healthy Approach to Food, Body & Weight

At A New Beginning, we know that creating a healthy relationship with your Body and Self entails approaching issues of food and weight in a non-eating disordered, emotionally loving manner that does not support deprivation, self-judgment or repeat historical patterns of dieting-related shame.

Our kind, compassionate and skilled dietitians are specialized in the area of eating disorder recovery principles that support a sustainable, healthy relationship with food & weight management as opposed to traditional dietitians who may not appreciate the delicate manner in which issues of food and weight can activate prior negative or shaming weight-related experiences.

We believe that it is possible to learn how to modulate your food intake without falling victim to dieting mentality.  To do so, our seasoned dietitians utilize many personalized approaches with the ultimate goal of teaching a strong foundation of underlying intuitive eating skills.

Food & Weight Management Nutrition Services

A few of the many approaches we offer at A New Beginning include the following nutrition-based services:

  • Individual Nutrition Counseling
  • Meal Planning & Personalized Menu Creation
  • Real-Time Grocery Shopping Guidance
  • Individual Meal and Snack Support
  • Group Meal and Snack Support*
  • Anti-Diet / Intuitive Eating Coaching
  • Weight management support
  • Family Guidance and Support
  • Nutrition Testing for Metabolic Functioning
  • Nutrition Testing for Gastrointestinal Health
  • Clinical expertise for underlying and/or detrimental health issues (gastrointestinal, food sensitivities/allergies, nutritional deficiencies)
  • Basic and Advanced Nutrition Education


Ready to get started?  Simply contact our Client Care Coordinator at:  480-941-4247.