Treatment for Adults: Anorexia & Bulimia

Eating Disorders Affect Individuals of ALL Ages

Struggling with anorexia or bulimia but think you are “too old” to have an eating disorder?  Think again. 

Individuals of all ages – and all genders – are affected by eating disorders.  Eating disorders are not just for teen girls affected by peer pressure or social media.  New research shows that there are three categories of individuals who are afflicted with eating disorders “late-in-life:”  individuals who are seeking treatment for the first time in adulthood; individuals who are experiencing a re-emergence of eating disordered behavior following years of latent symptoms; and those who are stricken by an eating disorder in adulthood for the very first time.

If you are an “older” individual needing treatment for an eating disorder, please know that you are certainly not alone!  Within our treatment center, you will see many wonderful “mature” individuals, searching to find health and wholeness in their personal journey of recovery.

Men Get Eating Disorders Too!

It is an unfortunate myth that only women and young girls are affected by eating disorders.  

At A New Beginning, we know that boys and men are affected by eating disorders too!   In fact, research indicates that 10% of all people diagnosed with an eating disorder are male, a statistic that we feel is likely lower than actually occurs in practice due to the unfortunate amount of shame and misunderstanding boys and men may have regarding what having an eating disorder means when you are a male.

If you are a male suffering with an eating disorder, please know that your struggle is real.  And, that your personal struggle with an eating disorder or your body-image has nothing to do with your experience of yourself as a man.  Men are vulnerable to the same genetic, social, biochemical and temperamental factors that can contribute to an eating disorder!  Thankfully, men and boys are also similarly able to achieve full and lasting eating disorder recovery.


Comprehensive Treatment of Eating Disorders  

Using well-researched evidence-based approaches, our specialty team of eating disorder therapists will work alongside you to help you identify – and then FULLY resolve – the multifaceted root cause(s) of your disordered eating.  

At A New Beginning, we are dedicated to not only helping you understand how and/or why you developed your eating disorder, we are committed to helping you to heal and fully develop new, more effective skills to help you cope with your relationships, your emotions, yourself and your life – so that lasting, wonderful change can occur. 

FULL recovery IS possible.  Together, we will work to help you learn how to embrace your emotional world in a healthy, as opposed to eating disordered, manner.

As part of your comprehensive treatment, our eating disorder team may utilize one or more of the following research-based therapeutic techniques to help you successfully beat your eating disorder:

Coordination of Care Ensures Successful Treatment

In addition to your work with professionals within A New Beginning, we are dedicated to providing ongoing communication and coordination of care with any personal professionals you may be working with outside of our treatment center, who may be relevant to your care.  

Always with your permission, this may include coordination of care with your medical provider, psychiatrist, gynecologist, etc.  

Dedicated to Education of Eating Disorders

Our team is dedicated to providing the community with FREE educational, inspirational videos directed toward increasing awareness regarding the many factors involved in a healthy and complete eating disorder recovery process.

Videos such as the one featured below, can be found on our YouTube channel:  “Eating Disorder Recovery for A New Beginning”  It’s easy to subscribe, simply follow this link!


We look forward to the opportunity to help you actualize your HOPE for full and lasting eating disorder recovery!