Lauren Schmid

Client Care Coordinator

Lauren Schmid is our warm and compassionate Client Care Coordinator. For the past 17 years, Lauren has dedicated her career to creating joy and moments of happiness for others. She has a special spot in her heart for people affected by mental health and emotional challenges, and she very much loves doing what she can to enhance others’ quality of life.


More personally, Lauren had a loved one who fought an eating disorder for many years. Unfortunately, a few years ago, her loved one passed away. From this personal experience, she strives for the opportunity to help others on their recovery journey. She admires and celebrates people for seeking the help that they need, and she is grateful for the opportunity to help them along the way however she can.


Lauren is a devoted and loving mother and wife. She has an incredible family with many nieces and nephews. She enjoys spending time at home with her family, reading, playing with her pets, going to the beach, and volunteering at her church as a communion and confirmation teacher. During her tenure working with those who have Alzheimer’s, she helped raise $20,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association, which is an accomplishment that brings her great pride.


Please contact Lauren with any questions about our services. She is happy to be of assistance!