Couple and Marital Therapy

Establishing and maintaining healthy intimate relationships is one of life’s primary, albeit most difficult, tasks. We all long for relationships that are genuine, fulfilling, and secure. Ideally, the couple relationship is a safe haven where individuals can let their true, unedited selves out and feel confident in the knowledge that their partner will not judge or harm them. Intimacy, companionship, and a sincere enjoyment of each other are universal needs that everyone deserves to experience.

Why then are so many relationships troubled and so many couples struggling to stay emotionally healthy and intact? Poor communication, unresolved “baggage” from past relationships, and a profound lack of interpersonal relationship skills are but a few of the many factors causing individuals who truly love one another to end their relationships prematurely or on a sour note.

At A New Beginning, we realize that the ability to be healthy in relationships is at the core of developing a healthy emotional self. Expressing emotions, learning to ask for specific needs to be met, the ability to achieve and tolerate intimacy, and open honest communication are interpersonal skills that enable healthy relationships and are necessities for true, long-lasting change.

Whether seeking couple therapy as the primary focus of treatment or as a supplement to individual work, let our expert couple & marital therapists guide you as you work to resolve old dysfunctional ways of relating and build healthier more satisfying relationships.