From my podium at the front of the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine lecture hall, I see my grandfather. My Lolo. He’s smiling and I feel his energy, especially his radiant heart as he subtly nods and our energies connect with a shared joy and a secret acknowledgment of what has now become our…(Read More)

Eating disorders ARE preventable, and parents have the beautiful gift of influence within their relationship with their impressionable young children. Dr. Julie T. Anné Zeig, Eating Disorder Expert & Psychologist helps parents prevent eating disorders and body-image issues by increasing awareness of how their behavior and words affect young children. Watch Dr. Julie on…(Read More)

Eating disorder prevention starts at home, and parents CAN make a difference! In this Good Morning Arizona tv segment, Eating Disorder Expert, Dr. Julie T. Anne´ Zeig, provides educational tips for parents to help them create an emotionally healthy relationship with food in their impressionable children and teens. To hear more tips regarding eating disorder…(Read More)

Eating Disorder Prevention IS Possible. Are you a parent, struggling to raise kids in today’s body-obsessed, eating disorder culture? Psychologist and eating disorder expert, Dr. Julie T. Anné Zeig, continues her educational series on this 5th segment of, “How to Raise Eating Disorder Resistant Kids” on Good Morning Arizona. Dr. Julie discusses the…(Read More)

“Love deeply, and don’t waste time.” the sage words of Elly Frankl;  the beautiful, determined, dedicated, longtime love, spouse and now widow, of iconic Existential psychiatrist, Viktor Frankl, embraced me. With the love and conviction of an older woman who has gone before me, Elly came toward me, piercing my eyes with the strength…(Read More)