Today, I will meet my therapeutic hero. A master therapist who is undoubtedly primarily responsible for my working so deeply and so passionately with my beloved clients. My Existential idol who gave me permission to enter into the beauty and the tragic so genuinely alongside my clients, an intensely meaningful and life-changing event for…(Read More)

“This is the Erickson’s home, would you like to go inside?” We were looking for a restaurant following one of our collegial outings, a meaningful ritual within a meaningful friendship developed since meeting Dr. Jeffrey Zeig, following the Evolution of Psychotherapy conference in 2017. Our search for a COVID-safe, outdoor eating establishment had…(Read More)

I hadn’t slalom skied in almost 10 years.  Nor had I been out on a boat in the middle of the week, wind rushing through my hair, deep in conversation that was so stimulating, intimate, intelligent and REAL While laughing and singing to a mix of music that made everyone in my new EO…(Read More)