Emotional & Binge Eating Disorder Group Therapy: Teens

Emotional & Binge Eating Disorder Group Therapy: Hope and Help for Adolescents

With a growing number of teens struggling with overeating & binge eating behavior and/or associated struggles with weight, A New Beginning is proud to offer an emotionally safe, non-judgmental therapeutic group for teens working on issues related to emotional eating, overeating and binge eating disorder.  Perfect for healthy and positive support, reduction in shame and helpful work on issues related to body-image, this group helps teens to address and work through difficult underlying issues that are related to their problematic use of food as a means to cope with their emotional world.

Overeating Group for Teens, Healthy Behavioral Change IS Possible!

Prior to joining group, all prospective participants are asked to complete a free 30-minute assessment with the group facilitator to ensure that this working eating disorder group is the right fit for you. Please contact our Client Care Coordinator to learn more about joining this group ~ (480) 941-4247 or [email protected]