HEALTHY Weight Loss

Our Approach to Healthy Weight Loss

In the world of eating disorder treatment and the quest for healthy weight management, the issue of weight loss is a tricky topic. On the mental health side, many eating disorder professionals have felt that clients should simply learn to “love their bodies” regardless of size, weight – or health. And, that they should never focus on or desire to lose weight.

On the medical side, physicians all-too-often encourage weight loss via rigid or excessive diets and/or exercise plans that are unrealistic, damaging or shame-provoking.

Both approaches fail at supporting a healthy body and balanced quality of life.

Rigid dieting sets people up for diet-overeat-diet-overeat problematic eating cycles, and attempting to ignore very real issues of weight, oftentimes leaves people to struggle with life-threatening medical conditions associated with excess body weight. 

Our eating disorder team at A New Beginning has given this issue a lot of soulful thought, looking at both the psychological and medical perspectives. After sitting across from countless individuals who were determined to lose weight for serious medical reasons or who desperately wanted to live within a body that was more physically capable and/or strong, we concluded that weight loss can be a healthy treatment goal if and only if it is approached in an emotionally, nutritionally and physically healthy manner that is moderate, sustainable, and utilizes a non-dieting approach.

Our team of eating disorder and weight management specialists, therefore, solidly support our clients in learning to respect and appreciate their bodies today, while working  to teach them skills directed toward successfully creating a healthier body for a more fulfilling and long-lasting tomorrow!       Our Team’s Philosophy

Instrumental to our approach to body and weight is helping our clients learn how to separate their use of food for emotional support from their use of food for nutritional health, and teaching them mindful, intuitive eating skills so they will never have to diet again!  

Since 2014, our eating disorder and weight management team has become a vocal advocate of a non-dieting approach to HEALTHY weight management and weight loss, and we have become quite influential in changing the dialogue our nation is having regarding the relationship between chronic issues of weight, eating disorders and obesity.

Our team looks forward to helping you explore the many reasons why you turn to food when you are not physically hungry, and most importantly, how to eat all foods in healthy moderation, balance, and variety so you can attain the optimal weight that is healthy for your particular body, without engaging in harmful, eating disordered and/or chronic dieting behavior, ever again.     

We look forward to helping you actualize the healthy life and body you deserve.  480-941-4247