Adolescent Eating Disorder Group Therapy

Adolescence can be a difficult, insecure time filled with developmental challenges and emotional struggles. This group is designed to help teens with eating disorders successfully maneuver through the innumerous challenges facing them today. This group works to strengthen their recovery from an eating disorder; improve emotional adjustment; strengthen healthy social support; and develop positive, effective coping skills for middle-school and high school-aged students.

Themes often discussed in group include, but are not limited to: eating disorder recovery, relationships with peers and family, academic pressures, caring for self physically and emotionally, intimate relationships, self-esteem, and healthy body image.

Adolescent Eating Disorder Group Therapy

Participating in a group with peers is often a powerful experience which decreases one’s sense of isolation, enhances social connection and skills, and challenges group members to cope in new, adaptive ways. Through facilitated group discussion, members will explore communication and relational styles; identify successful coping skills in light of various pressures (self- and other-imposed); learn to set healthy boundaries; and begin developing an esteemed, multi-faceted identity!

This group is open to adolescent girls and boys (ages 13-17) who are affected by eating disorders and body-image concerns.

Prior to joining group, all prospective participants are asked to complete a free 30-minute assessment with the group facilitator to ensure that this working eating disorder group is the right fit for you. Please contact our Client Care Coordinator to learn more about joining this group ~ (480) 941-4247 or [email protected]