How to Deal with ADHD & Binge Eating Disorder


If your struggle with EMOTIONAL EATING, BINGE EATING, or COMPULSIVE OVEREATING, and want to understand why you can’t “just stop” this behavior then please consider joining our NEW web-based membership community, Circle of HOPE.

This is an emotionally safe community for people affected by Emotional & Binge Eating who are ready to learn about the hidden pieces that create and maintain this emotional NEED for food.

Let our internationally-acclaimed treatment experts, Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley, teach you about the nuanced psychology of this disorder so that you can finally understand why your body has relied on food for emotional coping all these years and then learn how to do the “deeper work” within yourSelf to create lasting change.

FULL Recovery is Possible!

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Julie T. Anné Zeig, Ph.D.

Dr Julie T. Anné Zeig is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Eating Disorder Specialist, Founder and Clinical Director of A New Beginning and Co-Founder and Clinical Director of TheHealthyWeighOut, both specialty eating disorder treatment facilities located in Scottsdale, Arizona.
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