I’ve been resisting canceling my reservation, although I know I need to. It was to be my “Coming back to Self,” Soulful journey through the Alps. Specifically, the Haute Route, a backcountry 110-mile trek through Switzerland and France via the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. An experience designed to help me traverse through a…(Read More)

Confronting your own internalized racism.  Admitting to your partner you’ve had an affair.  Checking into rehab after driving drunk with your child in the car.  These are the gut-wrenching “bottoms” that bring us to our knees. The life-changing moments that force us to surrender to our imperfections and admit that we don…(Read More)

A father’s love is not just love.  It’s an experience that will shape how a daughter sees her Self, feels about her Self, and values her Self.  Both in her eyes, and in the future eyes of others. A father who smiles at his daughter, shows interest in his daughter, and takes time…(Read More)

I’ve been doing a lot of walking lately. Between the sequester, and the Spring, and changes I’ve been contemplating in my Life, I’ve been gifting my Self with the glory of long, meaningful walks. Sometimes talking with friends, but mostly, connecting with my Self. “Like the pine trees lining the winding road…(Read More)