Daring to Dream: Overcoming History & Creating Purpose in Helping Others


The long-anticipated email popped into my inbox following a lengthy and Self-disclosive autobiographical application process, and THREE equally emotionally raw interviews.  Deep, unapologetically penetrating interviews where EO members delved into the Soul of my business, and the Soul of my Self.

“Congratulations! I want to be the first to welcome you into Entrepreneurial Organization (EO)…” and with that, an onslaught of tears surged up and into my eyes. Tears, not of joy.  Tears, not of relief.  Tears, not even of anticipation for all I knew I would be learning, gaining and experiencing as part of this dynamic, global organization that consisted of “The most successful, esteemed business leaders in the world.” 

The tears that involuntarily swelled directly from my heart and into my eyes, were tears of pride.  Deep, fulfilling pride.  Specifically, the pride of a little girl who long ago peered out from under the dysfunction and debris of her teen parents’ world, and vowed to do Life different. 

The same little girl who fought to overcome self-doubt and shame, following years of ridicule and disdain by influential others who sought to gain emotional power by attempting to squish her little girl’s Soul.  

Pride of a little girl whose impassioned heart long-ago believed she “could;” despite lack of opportunity, emotional support or healthy modeling for what was “possible” in life. 

Pride of a little girl whose heart yearned for normalcy and safety and refused to settle, despite an early life that started out in shatters.  

I have had many professional accolades in my moving career as a Clinical Psychologist. Beautiful, affirming pats on the back that go deep within my therapeutic heart for the meaningful acknowledgments of healing work that you know is changing lives.  For that, I am most grateful.

But being accepted into EO as a successful “entrepreneur” and business woman, an innovator, a game-changer, really impacted me.  In a profound and admittedly unanticipated EMOTIONAL manner.  

Wiping away tears and trying to enjoy this moment of personal congratulation, I was struck by an awareness that resonated from deep within, for it spoke to the “why” behind the at-times-still-present little girl inside, whose heartfelt response made it movingly clear just how affected she was by this formal gesture of business  “success.”  A dream she had hoped for as a little girl.  Which now had become true.

Acceptance into the esteemed Entrepreneurial Organization for me, is a touching affirmation of a core, Self-organizing belief.  Actually, THE core belief that has guided me, encouraged me, and served to lift me up and out from the despair that was my early life.  It’s also the core belief that I bring every day to my beloved work with clients.

Through trauma, dysfunction, disbelieving others and lack of early tools, I have found over and over again that Lasting Change is ALWAYS Possible, when and if YOU commit to courageously step in, to believe in your Self, and to lovingly support your Self through whatever emotions, introspection, education and growth is needed, in order to manifest the Life you envision.  

Walking straight into life alongside your Self;  as your greatest believer, supporter, cheerleader and HEALER regardless of what life has thrown into your path, asked you to endure, or necessitated you to survive, is at the core of what actualizes your innate ability to OVERCOME. To COMPLETELY heal. And to become ALL that your amazing Self is yearning to embrace, in your adult’s experience of Life.   

Life CAN be beautiful – for us ALL. 

I’m looking forward to jumping in and discovering what this next chapter has to offer!

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Julie T. Anné Zeig, Ph.D.

Dr Julie T. Anné Zeig is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Eating Disorder Specialist, Founder and Clinical Director of A New Beginning and Co-Founder and Clinical Director of TheHealthyWeighOut, both specialty eating disorder treatment facilities located in Scottsdale, Arizona.
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